Piano Palettes

I completed my first solo album, “Piano Palettes” in June 2019. This was a six month project and journey into the unknown! I am exceedingly grateful to Michael Stegner for his coaching and guidance over the past two years. Other credits go to Mike Werner, who helped record the album and Ryan Sowers, Registered Piano Technician, who was able to fine-tune my very individual Steinway. Album art credits go togo to Karolina Badzmierowska and my mom, Elizabeth Walsh. Piano Palettes received two silver medals from the Global Music Awards in the categories of Instrumental and Composition in June 2019.

You can find the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services.

About the Pieces

“Lapis” is a melodic piece with jazz chords and a stride style accompaniment. It is intended to evoke the color of the sky just before dawn. 

“Sunburst” was inspired by the colors of dawn: that unique mix of pink, orange and yellow in the sky. 

“Emerald” was nicknamed “Peaceful E Flat” until I realized that emerald was the perfect mix of dark and light shades of green. 

“Amber” was inspired by my love of the distinctive features of this stone. Sometimes clear, sometimes muddy, sometimes with layers of texture. Always mysterious. 

“Graphite” is in honor of J. S. Bach. I chose this title because the mood is quite dark and steely, yet there are hints of sparkle, just like in the stone. 

“Fuchsia” represents the huge variety of blossoms. Red, pink, purple, mixed. Big, robust, thin, delicate. Appropriate for the many moods of this piece. 

“Alabaster” started out with twice as many notes. Now, it is more still and peaceful, reminding me of the beautiful art made using this white mineral. 

“Cobalt” is the same melody as “Lapis” but with a flowing accompaniment figure. It is intended to depict the sky at the end of the day, just as the stars start emerging. 

Christmas Colors

Released in November 2019, this album is a compilation of favorite Christmas melodies in both traditional and crossover/jazz stylings. Signed physical CDs are available for purchase at Bandcamp and digital albums are available on all the major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music). Thank you for your support!