Music for Media

I am always working on piano solo pieces, and arrangements. I also create original music to be used for media projects (advertising, film, soundtrack, YouTube, slideshows, corporate) which is available through many different music libraries. Click on the links below to license my music directly.


Quirky Escapades is a fun album of tracks written by veteran female composer Tamara Miller and myself–these are fun-filled orchestral tracks featuring pizzicato strings and other comedic elements. Licensing through

Emotional Piano

Piano and Cello

I really enjoy collaborating with my friend and colleague Robin Ravazzini who is a fabulous cellist. Check out our tracks “Melancholy Twilight” and “Fresh Expectations”!

Uplifting Piano

Butterflies in Spring is a collection of uplifting piano tracks in a variety of positive moods. Click here for licensing.

Original Jazz Piano

Dramatic Piano

Alone is a collection of melodic solo piano pieces. Perfect for emotional moments in your project. Click here for licensing.


Reimagined classical arrangements feature orchestral soundscapes, innovative rhythms, and ethereal female vocals. Click here for licensing.

Eccentric World 2

A useful collection of eccentric, wacky and off-the-wall works perfect for factual tv, animal productions, secret life and programs requiring a comical atmosphere. Click here for licensing.

Delicate Stories

I have a couple of tracks on this recent album. Gentle piano and pad. Perfect for heartfelt storytelling. Click here for tracks and licensing!


Very excited to have one track on this album with all of these amazing composers! Click here to license “Finish Strong“!


Very excited to have a track on this epic hybrid album! Click here to license “One More Mile“!

Uplifting Piano

Uplifting piano tracks perfect for all sorts of media. Variety of keys and tempi, and plenty of alternative versions for each track. Click here for licensing!

Magical Orchestral

My track on this compilation, “The Dark Wand,” was inspired by Harry Potter. License it here!

Winter Solstice

“The Last Iceberg” is an orchestral underscore that would fit really well with documentary style media. Click here for more information!

Classical Comforts

This album features beloved classical melodies arranged for piano and strings. Click here for licensing!

I have several public domain classical piano pieces as well as original orchestral pieces available for licensing with Triple Scoop Music. Click here for details!

In addition to the links above, you can also find my music at Amurco, Pond5 and several others. My original compositions on Spotify can be licensed directly on a non-exclusive basis for your project as well.

Need Music?

If you are a music publisher, a music library or someone who needs custom music, the playlist below represents genres I create. Some of the tracks on the playlist are signed, and some are available.

If you need a custom media project, please contact me personally at [email protected].

Thank you for listening!