22 Nocturnes for Chopin

I am proud to be part of this beautiful compilation of Nocturnes by international female composers. This short YouTube video gives information about the new collection which can be purchased digitally at EVC Music or you can order beautifully bound hard cover books at Musicroom. Special thanks to Elena Cobb for bringing more visibility to female composers all over the world, and Christopher Norton of 80 Days Publishing for encouraging me to submit my work!

I am also releasing the Nocturne from the “22 Nocturnes for Chopin” as a single. It will be available on all streaming services on October 18!

Music Licensing and Music For Media

I write music in various genres for Film/TV/Media. Please listen to my Disco playlist for an idea of the genres I write in (scroll down for the different genres as well as licensing status of each particular track). You may contact me personally for custom projects or visit this page for links to music that is represented and available for licensing.

Spitfire Scoring Competition


Original music by Jennifer Bowman


I decided to enter Spitfire audio’s scoring competition this year. I chose to use traditional instruments with some interesting rhythms and also chose to have a recurring melodic theme played by the cello. I used mostly Spitfire instruments and LogicProX to create my entry. I hope you enjoy my selection! Click here for link to YouTube.

My first book of piano pieces has just been published!

Modern Mosaics

I was grateful to collaborate on this project with the esteemed composer Christopher Norton, and Andrew Jones of 80 Days Publishing.

This book is a collection of 12 intermediate-level piano pieces. They feature the same sorts of challenges as the more “traditional” repertoire, but are written in the contemporary element–with popular, jazz and new age colors.

80 Days Publishing is located in the UK and will ship worldwide. Just click on this link.

Special thanks to Christopher Norton for editing and guidance, Andrew Jones for the beautiful engraving, Joy Liu for the cover, Michael Stegner for continuing musical guidance, and my family for giving me time and space to work on my creative projects.

YouTube composer performances please click here!

UPDATE: One of the selections in this book, “Mysterious Mosaics” will be featured in the Royal Conservatory 2022 Piano Syllabus, level 2.