My first book of piano pieces has just been published!

Modern Mosaics

I was grateful to collaborate on this project with the esteemed composer Christopher Norton, and Andrew Jones of 80 Days Publishing.

This book is a collection of 12 intermediate-level piano pieces. They feature the same sorts of challenges as the more “traditional” repertoire, but are written in the contemporary element–with popular, jazz and new age colors.

80 Days Publishing is located in the UK and will ship worldwide. Just click on this link.

Special thanks to Christopher Norton for editing and guidance, Andrew Jones for the beautiful engraving, Joy Liu for the cover, Michael Stegner for continuing musical guidance, and my family for giving me time and space to work on my creative projects.

YouTube composer performances coming soon!

Newest EP “Collage” Now available!

My latest EP “Collage” is now available on all streaming service. This project consists of 5 piano solos inspired by both my musical and personal journeys. Sheet music for these pieces is available here.

As always, thanks for listening!


I have just finished a collection of piano arrangements of orchestral music of J.S. Bach. These are for elementary/intermediate pianists and feature some of Bach’s most beloved melodies. Available as a collection of 6, or as singles. Short tutorials on YouTube! For more information, click here.

Preludes for Uncertainty Awarded Two Silver Medals!

I am very honored to receive two silver medals in the 2020 Global Music Awards in the categories of complete album and composer/composition.

This album is a set of nineteen short piano pieces inspired by the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. It is hard to put into words the complex emotions that have been stirred up during this pandemic, especially if you have lost someone to this virus.

Digital album is available on Bandcamp and signed physical CDs are available here. Please visit this page for more detail about the inspiration of each piece. Special thanks to Michael Stegner for guidance and mastering this project.

I hope that this music resonates with you and gives an outlet to some of the feelings you may have experienced during this time. As always, thanks for listening.