I’m excited about my new release, “Classical Comforts,” which is a partnership with Atomica Music.

I had a lot of fun taking my favorite non-piano classical melodies and creating a contemporary version featuring piano & strings.

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Thank you for listening!

Recent Releases

I have been creating all sorts of music recently–from solo piano pieces, to fun orchestral dramedy tracks, to piano and cello and more! Please click on the icon for more information if you would like more details about that particular project. As always, thank you for your interest!

Music Licensing and Music For Media

I write music in various genres for Film/TV/Media. Please listen to my Disco playlist for an idea of the genres I write in (scroll down for the different genres as well as licensing status of each particular track). You may contact me personally for custom projects or visit this page for links to music that is represented and available for licensing.

Spitfire Scoring Competition


Original music by Jennifer Bowman


I decided to enter Spitfire audio’s scoring competition this year. I chose to use traditional instruments with some interesting rhythms and also chose to have a recurring melodic theme played by the cello. I used mostly Spitfire instruments and LogicProX to create my entry. I hope you enjoy my selection! Click here for link to YouTube.