Original Music

I am always working on original works. Some will be part of an album, some are arrangements, some are orchestral, some are teaching pieces, some are deeply personal stand-alone works.


My son and I create fun electronic music together. Click here for more information and links.

Piano Music

Here is an audio clip of “Gerbera,” a short piece in C major that is appropriate for intermediate-level pianists.

For a free copy of the sheet music, please click here.

This is a piece I wrote in January in memory of my cousin, Jerid C., who struggled with addiction for many years. I created the melody using the letters of his first name (counting up from the low end of the piano for those letters not in the musical scale). J-E-R-I-D-C becomes a melody of C-E-D-B-D-C.

For a free copy of this sheet music please click here.


I also create original music to be used for media projects (advertising, film, soundtrack, YouTube, slideshows, corporate) through Pond5. The music I contribute to this library is in the acoustic piano genre as well as the electronic music genre (JZB–with my son Zach). Click this link for my Pond5 Artist Page and music library. Purchase sheet music for Pond5 selections here.


I enjoy creating both piano and piano/vocal arrangements of music that I love. Please click here for some arrangements of Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind.” Christmas arrangements will be coming soon in the store.